Eshon Burgundy and Strght & Nrrw Clothing Co. are coming together to bring you the ‘For God’s Sake’ collaborative project. The album will officially be released as a free download on July 23, 2013 . Eshon, a newly signed Humble Beast artist, goes in 9 songs strong with a couple features guaranteed to not disappoint. Strght & Nrrw will be dropping a small but potent collection of items to celebrate the release. The two say that the collaboration is a natural progression that comes from a strong brotherhood. Jay Harris adds, “besides being a friend, and someone who serves as my close counsel, Eshon is literally one of my favorite MC’s.” Be on the look out for a single, video, and a sneak peek at their collaborative collection.


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Salute to all the believers & non believers, comrades & spectators, to the hopeful & hopeless, Eshon Burgundy is a member of the HumbleBeast label and founding member of Salvation Armie Music Group. See Bio for more info about Eshon!


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